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Started #eduMOOC this morning. Intros are over; the weekly schedule is on google; most likely many of the discussions will be going on at google; a few people have posted to their blogs (advice on getting organized and learning in a MOOC, mainly); at least one participant has set up an iEtherPad, and a question has been posted to Quora. So far, participants and administrators are starting and looking for topics, posting their interests, and linking to resources. People are looking for others of the same interests. And getting the fire hose under control. Similar to this.

I find Ray’s reflections on getting eduMOOC set up interesting. Ray had concerns similar to mine about getting the online spaces organized so participants could find each other – only to see that participants (Wayne Macintosh at the OER university) started to set up study groups (should be interest groups rather than study) on their own. Ray is also posting about set up strategies and considerations balancing access, experience, and interests here. These posts are interesting for what they reveal about getting a MOOC organized. I played out the same concerns when I was setting up the MOOC for Weblogs and Wikis, and while I settled most of them before I started, I had to re-fit them a couple of times as it became clear what students did not know about the web.

Ray’s comments are also interesting in what they reveal about eduMOOCs pedagogy. The administrators are really working at getting a shared space ready for participants, suggesting that eduMOOC is coming more from a centralized learning supply house pedagogy rather than a PLE-distributed knowledge pedagogy, as in #PLENK2010. eduMOOC seems to leam more towards social constructionism / constructivism than connectivism. Not that that’s a problem, and not that the designed pedagogy of a MOOC confines participants to that pedagogy. One of the beauties of a MOOC (and part of the reason The MOOC is Not an Answer) is that participants can must follow their own pedagogy to an extent.

But after reviewing materials this morning, I signed up with the OERu Planning Group. I have an interest in OER, but what attracted me to this group was that Wayne had set up a place for creating some shared goals and posted some common actives to get things started. Looks like participants will be posting to their own spaces, while the planning group provides a filter and aggregator. And the aggregator is what’s important now.

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  1. Wayne Mackintosh

    Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for your posts and ideas on the #OERu eduMOOC study group.

    Quick reflection — from the perspective of the OER Foundation, the choice of “study” group was intentional. We are serious about implementation of the OER university and are moving forward with the anchor partners. So for us – -this is a real-life implementation study.

    That said — everyone with an interest in this area is free to join us :-)

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