bookmarks for May 24th, 2011

  • My Personal Learning Network is the most awesomest thing ever!! – siemens clarfying some misconceptions about ples: "Being connected, without creating and contributing, is a self-focused, self-centered state. I’ve ranted about this before, but there is never a good time to be a lurker. Lurking=taking. The concept of legitimate peripheral participation sounds very nice, but is actually negative. Even when we are newcomers in a network or community, we should be creating and sharing our growing understanding. We noticed this time and again in CCK08/09/EdFutures/PLENK: a resource (image, blog post) created by someone trying to understand a topic is often more valuable than instructor-provided readings. Why? Well, novices and experts have different approaches to topics and tasks. A novice who is grappling with an idea is likely better able to connect with another novice than an expert who advances a more nuanced, pattern-based assessment of a topic." – (ple mooc lurking )
  • [toread] When Best Practices Aren’t Good Enough—Putting the Performance Review on Review | Management Innovation eXchange – – (none)