bookmarks for March 21st, 2011

  • Open Contempt – UBC Wiki – via zombiescholar. Brian Lamb on OER, new academic cultures, EduPunk and all the rest of it this place is getting to me I can't take it any more I could get out of here and move to Canada that's where stuff it happening or maybe someplace in Cumbria Far Sawrey looked good – (scholarship2.0 ple mooc zombies edupunk OER )
  • zombiescholar [licensed for non-commercial use only] / More Brains! – Weller and Groom. State of the academy: " The uptake of new technologies in research and associated practices can be seen as a barometer for innovation within higher education. … We suggest one possible antidote to this zombification of higher education is the use of new technologies and particularly the cultural norms they embody." Yes, and yes again. Complication arises when the local culture is a Dawn of the Dead shopping mall. – (ple mooc OER research scholarship2.0 D2L en3177 )