weblogs week 6, part 2

I trust yesterday’s thinking about semiosis didn’t put people off their reflective dinner. Here’s a review of that I’ve been seeing.

Some lists for reflection
One from JManassa: What Have I Done (sounds ominous):  list of blogs viewed, articles read, sites visited, how to’s learned, all with a disclaimer that more’s coming.

One from wadesandstrom: What Wade’s done so far: urls, Daybook posts, and a set of notes. These are all included in the post rather than linked to. That’s aggregating, remixing: drawing all the stuff together in one place to see what he has. Wade also makes some comments on his comments, and uses those to point up what problems, what he’s learned, and what he’s achieved in doing it. The comment on creating a prezi shows this best. Also catches up with that prezi in a belated project: Digital Media and Our World.

[Wade’s prezi is worth a study. He uses the action on the screen to specify the relationship between each statement: two opposing views are on opposite ends of a swing; statements that are conceptually near each other are also spatially near each other; the size of the font and length of the sentence define emphasis and hierarchical relationships. There’s an interesting deictic move, where one statement – “This is known as cultural determinism” – points back to the previous statement by way of movement. “This” points to the previous view rather than a noun in the previous statement. Mostly white text on black ground, using blue text to define sections.]

treygeorge gathers stuff together in a way similar to Wade: a link to the source, and a comment on each: what he did, what happened, value or significance of that doing. At the end of the post (rather than standing on its own), he has a link to a MindMeister map: week1-week6. Map nodes link to activities. The map shows how the list can be repurposed – in this case, reorganized and made ready for more annotation. That is, the map gives far more affordance to annotating, organizing, and taking further notes and observations than Trey’s first set of notes. It can also become the framework laterreflections: branches added, cross-links added, icons, images …

jadeowl posted Week 6: Summary: a chronology of dated events (cf the blog post order of reverse chronology). As others do, she aggregates links to what she’s done, now collected under date and framed with an italicized title and a few observations on the activity. Those observations move between technical moves and content notes.

Some really interesting starts- the  major trope being repurposing: students are aggregating and annotating their work of 6 weeks as a preparation for repurposing. Bang on the money for Stephen Downes and How This Course Works. More reflections coming, I assume.