weblogs and wikis, week 4

Lots happening this week in Weblogs and Wikis. Wikis seem to have lit a fire on activities. A number of posts, comments,  and repurposings have made it to the class: a second prezi, a video on YouTube, a project plan. I’ve added two more delicious streams, here and here.

Over on the wiki itself, not so much is going on yet. Duncan started a StudentPagesHub, and Mel started a GlossaryNotes page. But that’s about all according to RecentChanges. I’ve added wikinames to the main page. There should be a lot more by Monday evening (even with a Superbowl imminent)

And there’s bound to be a lot of backchannel twittering. The #superbowl tag will be jammed up with promotions of all kinds, many just riding on the tag, but tweeters are bound to come up with their own hash tags to stay in front of the marketing crowd and filter out the cruft. That might be interesting to follow and report on this week. #en 3177 Hint hint.

For week 5, we’ll continue with wikis, but also look towards reflection. I’ll wait to see what is posted for Week 4 on Monday evening; and we can start to work with those materials on class on Tuesday. Week 4 gave us a lot to do, and we can use this coming week to gather some thoughts – that’s the reflection part.


by Thursday

  • post annotations of the required readings to your bookmarking site or weblog

by Friday

by Monday evening

by Tues / Weds

  • commenting on work of others
  • We’re moving along.