comic relief

How to do fundraising right: Comic Relief Homepage.

Marketing people: Have a close look at how to get people to stand with you (marketing needs to commit before anyone else will. Let me repeat that: The only way marketing is going to get buy-in is to commit first. Sincere. Buy in.). This is a campaign that respects its audience. Most don’t. Evidence: Martha Stuart. The Apprentice. KARE.

Since she was a kiddie, Vivienne remembers relief funds: 2/6 in the kitty for the lifeboat fund. A whip round at the pub for a co-worker. A tenner for Amnesty International (which, as a US working class suburbanite, I had never heard of until I spent a week in Paris, c. 1978). A raffle for a manager out sick: (a bottle of Famous Grouse yielded £ 200 raised – and the manager got the bottle.) Big sister Christine had given £50.00 to the UK tsumani fund on 26 Dec., before Bush heard about the quake, before PBS had caught up with the world news.

Is the US a giving nation? A country of compassion? Not in your life – Not under the conservatives, not under the liberals – not when you look at what other people do, have done, will do. We’re comic relief wimps.

[PS: Viv txted BBC 4 her vote for the Archers’s guest celeb. We’re for Stephen in this house. 35p to Comic Relief. More on the way.]