update from macjournal


In my never-ending Friday quest for the perfect weblog client, I’ve reloaded and dusted off MacJournal, just to see how it might work to fuse weblogs and local journal entries. Still need to check how it handles images from Flickr, links, and formatting, but if those hold up, it might be useful.

A drop in link: BBC – Cumbria – In Pictures – All our webcams

Layout formatting doesn’t need to be extensive; I can always take care of that in WP directly.

Nancy at Wild Hare Dinner

On the desktop and iPad side, I’m looking for easy integration with Flickr and twitter, in the manner of Momento (on sale for a dollar right now. That’s a real deal.)

Looks like it’s a quiet evening of reading the friendly manual.

Embedded image from flickr, with hacked width.