authentic engagement at the best prices

This article Authentic Engagement of Adult Learners in Online Learning, could open up some interesting discussions in TWWT. It touches on the need for (and how to provide) human, social contact ih DE, and how to set up authentic, academic engagement, and why. For this, the article is worth a look.

But one of the more interesting points is this conception of studentdom on which much of their concluding discussion rests

Twigg (1998) joins a chorus of observers claiming that ultimate victory in education’s intensifying competition for students will depend on the relative quality of teaching and instructional design, irrespective of delivery mode. She describes a universe where learners have increasing options to choose the learning experiences that suit their needs. In such a world, Twigg suggests, only the best learning experiences offered at attractive prices will survive sharp market competition. Ely (1996) declares that the adoption of distance education should be driven by carefully assessed educational needs…

“The best learning experiences … at attractive prices” suggests just how far “authentic engagement” can slip. Discuss.