what’s a wiki for

A quick link and comment on Matt’s Embrace the Wiki Way! I’m with Matt on most of this – (public) wikis are open to collaboration, so if you don’t need collab, if you simply want to re-create paper, use something else.

But I’d expand the appropriate use of a wiki to include process and a kind of rhetorical quickening. As a minimum, the student who is writing the essay can use the wiki profitably to garner collaborative feedback – better than file exchange, better than a blog, better that BBored. That the student is writing the essay on a wiki provides opportunities for going futher – into the collaborative – that these other means don’t provide. That is, the wiki quickens the rhetorical situation, points students and teachers towards the wiki way.

I’d argue that a classroom wiki open to the students to create and re-create both the class and their own work engages the wiki way in ways that other media do not readily support.

We have a presentation to give at Standford this May, don’t we?