free texts in Philadelphia – but pay for the beer, ok?

Night in PhilidelphiaHere’s a chunk of the sabbatical taken care of:

Joe Moxley, Matt Barton, Charlie Lowe and I presented at WPA 2010, July 11 – 18, in Philadelphia. Our topic, Intellectual Freedom, Writing Programs, and Open Textbooks, addressed projects, frustrations, and directions in creating and distributing free textbooks for writing. The session was well-attended for a Saturday morning – 20 – 25. We were sharp, and the group responded well, given the discussion and questions after.

Intellectual Freedom, Writing Programs and Open Textbooks If Textbooks are History, What’s the Future?

I’ve posted my presentation draft on the wiki as Embedding the WikiWritingHandbook. Five pages of a draft that I reduced the morning of the presentation to 10 minutes and 3 slides. As I said, we were sharp.

I’m not sure where the ppt is to link to it. Charlie might have it.

The beer, and the mussels and Belgian frietjes at the Belgian Bistro were excellent, by the way.

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