New Media

re-mediating moleskine

I’m not sure what to make of this: camouflaging an iPad as a Moleskine.  It’s a step towards the wearable computer, the always-on academic. But it’s not really camouflage so much as loading the icons heavily. The Moleskine is a semiotic badge of The Writer; the iPad a badge of The Fanbois. Fuse them and you have pretension so thick it could cause a concussion.

The case is made by DODOCase, a SF California shop. Black with a red interior, and a bamboo frame that holds the iPad securely. It’s well-made, and fairly priced at $50.00. Its build takes me back to bookbinding and woodshop in high school, so there’s built-in nostalgia.

And the DODOCase has a high stealth factor. People don’t see a computer – until you start poking at your notebook. Then you stand out. Call attention to yourself. Like a tosser.

What’s interesting is using an icon of the handwritten journal to play hide and seek with an icon of the the digiterati fanbois. The concealment is only momentary, because people are supposed to notice you poking at your notebook. The case is black with a interior: it’s meant to be seen. Red and black. Lingerie. This is NSFW. Barthes addressed the striptease in Mythologies. This moleskine-iPad remediation is not far away.

Add to this the material aspect of the case: The DODOcase is hand built, unlike Moleskine notebooks. The iPad is 21st century manufacturing at the extreme.

There’s a grad paper in there somewhere.