make academic blogging mainstream

I’ve spent the morning reading blog articles on and perusing academic blogs as assigned by Berne, Jamie, and Hans. The highlight for me is Moving to the Public: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom Charles Lowe, who argue that writing in a public space is rhetorically and pedagogically powerful – perhaps more than the (more comfortable) private journal writing and writing in the protected space of the online or face to face classroom.

But reviewing the range of blogs and articles on academic blogging that the Berne, Jamie, and Hans set up for us brought home much we (BSU, BSU English, BSU Comp/Rhet) are missing out. We are slow in getting our blogshit together in a larger, more organized, better supported way – beyond the scattered, isolated use in some classes by a few brave teachers. Our GAs are on the front line with personal/academic blogs of their own, and experimenting with blogs in support of CW I and II. But these are experiments when they could be mainstream, timid moves that could be leaps.

This isn’t a matter of keeping up with the U Warwick, U of M, or Purdue, who have organized ways of offering blogs to students and faculty, so much as squandering opportunities for teaching and learning.

Reminder: Watch for the next round of development grants.