From the pad

I’m well satisfied with the iPad two weeks in. No, I can’t do everything I can with a laptop (but I can do everything I would do with a netbook), and getting files on and off the thing can be tricky (although I’m developing work habits to adjust for that), and I find having to switch apps slows me down and adds some cognitive burden (although I can lean back in my chair and relax as I work). Given all that, I still find the little machine motivating. I want to use it (even if getting pics onto it takes some planning), to find things to do with it (like this blog post – even given that blogging apps aren’t really up to speed yet).

Using it makes me acutely aware how much the desktop and then the laptop have shaped my work patterns and what I expect to be able to do (take and embed images and links into my texts) and where (anywhere, not just at a desk).

Which is to say I’m waiting (as are many) for the iPad to catch up to the netbook and then the laptop. Won’t be long. Meanwhile we can play.

[I lost the link to the image above. I’m looking for it and will add it when I find it.]

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