from bilbo

It’s risky naming your blog posting software Bilbo Blogger, even for Linux developers, developers who carry a lot of cred on the interwebs. In fact, the developer changed the name soon after release to avoid copyright issues. But renaming it Blogilo is no less risky. According to the developer Blogilo means blogging tool in Esperanto. A move from hobbit to Esperanto does not up the cred.

But Blogging Tool had some good comments so I’m giving it a try. I needed something on the Linux side, and at first blush, it serves the purpose. Categories, tags, local saving, visual and html editors, and a preview.

I spent the last few hours looking for Linux blog clients and editors with little luck. Those listed in Best Linux Blogging Clients – BloGTK, others – are ok but have limited features: no tagging, little control of the blog itself. Just not very interesting.

I’m not sure how to handle images. They import ok, but formatting in the post is more limited than the iPhone.

I’m sure we’ll get there.