live writer on lenovo netbook

At the Hockney Opening c 1982 by mcmorgan08A quick posting.  I installed Windows 7 on a Lenovo s10e netbook, to dual boot with JoliCloud.  One problem: the boot menu races past too quickly, but I’m looking in to how to pause it.

But I’ve also installed some of the Windows Live software to get a sense of how it works – and I am making this post with Writer. It seems unnecessary. It has all the right tool: inserting images, formatting, it will eve do tables. But it doesn’t have quite the posting management that would be useful in a standalone blogging app.

It seems to tie into WordPress pretty well.  That means I don’t have to use MS Live for posting, so I’ll give it a short try.

Now it’s a matter of solving that boot issue.

Update: Writer handles image linking to flickr with aplomb.  I dragged the image in this post from my main flickr page.  Writer inserted the thumbnail; and linked it to the image page on flickr automagically.