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bookmarks for August 14th, 2009

  • Here we are…there we are going « Connectivism – A fast but insightful critique of the current thinking on open content. Learning consists of weaving together coherent (personal) narratives of fragmented information. The narrative can be now created through social sensemaking systems (such as blogs and social networks), instead of centrally organized courses. Courses can be global, with many educators and participants (i.e. CCK08). – (teaching readme )
  • This Is Me: This Is Me Introduction – University of Reading. "In an environment where there are many ways to publish material quickly and easily, such as social networking sites … and all manner of other ways of expressing yourself on the web, people can find that they have their 'web presence' spread across multiple sites. What's more, other people might post something about you without you knowing about it – and it might be done quite innocently.

    We are developing a number of short exercises and learning materials to help people think about what sorts of issues there are about DI." – (twitter blogging identity teaching socialpractices )