bookmarks for July 31st, 2009

  • Joho the Blog » Transparency is the new objectivity – Dave Weinberger. "transparency is now fulfilling some of objectivity’s old role in the ecology of knowledge." that is, "Transparency gives the reader information by which she can undo some of the unintended effects of the ever-present biases. Transparency brings us to reliability the way objectivity used to." – (web2.0 epistemology journalism )
  • apophenia: Would the real social network please stand up? – "Not all social networks are the same.
    You cannot assume network transitivity.
    You cannot assume that properties that hold for one network apply to other networks.
    To address this, I want to begin by mapping out three distinct ways of modeling a social network. These are not the only ways of modeling a social network, but they are three common ways that are often collapsed in public discourse." – (twitter facebook socialnetworking socialpractices )