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Phone and public scalesI gave in a month ago and picked up a Lenovo S10e at Radio Shack for $300.00 on a Sunday whim. It’s not a bad machine, as Volkswagens go. And I impressed colleagues and an academic VP by showing up with the little thing at an exec meeting. They are easily impressed sometimes.

I’ve been using it for surfing and checking mail and taking notes. I had to figure out how to handle my bibliography database across platforms (Zotero did it), and I’m still looking for a fast note taker with live spell checking. I’ve set up ecto on the dinky thing, just to see how blogging might work.

The netbook stands right between the iPhone and the MacBook in convenience and power. It’s well beneath both when it comes to quality. A Volkswagen, a Smart car, not a Lexus or Camry. But it works, gets me frm point A to B, and it’s interesting to work on the same kind of machine many of my students us. I can see what the limitations are in Windows.

They’re not pretty.  It’s amazing how much the interface gets in the way of writing and reading. One issue is the 10″ screen, which, because software has been designed for larger screens, constrains the workspace to the area of a postcard. Perhaps this is one issue the Chrome OS might address, but it will take a redesign of a lot of software to really see a breakthrough.  Fewer pallets, more working space.

But I’m going to continue to play with this little Lenovo, see what it’s like to have an inexpensive pet machine at hand all the time: what I end up doing, and how it might influence that doing.

By the way, I have a 3-cell battery, which lasts only 3-1/2 hours.  Go for the 6-cell battery, and swap out the1 gig stick of RAM for 2 gigs.  No need to make your life unnecessarily uncomforatable.

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  1. Stacey Lillich

    You’re so cool like that! I love that you always know where technology is going and are willing to move right with it!

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