McLuhan on Picasso Painting

When Picasso enters the popular mind by way of McLuhan: Picasso’s painting is always exciting because Picasso paints the path of feeling. I am speaking completely literally. Picasso paints the path of feeling. Did you ever have a teardrop run down your face? Sometime have a teardrop run down your face and feel it run.… Continue reading McLuhan on Picasso Painting

Remediation in Benjamin Calls for 21st Century Arcades Project

Bolter and Grusin (Remediation) see new media remediating old until the new media becomes established as a media and media-specific affordances become available. Benjamin sees remediation in new materials. When iron, for instance, was introduced in sculpture it took on forms from wood. Benjamin sees this as a failure to see the new in the… Continue reading Remediation in Benjamin Calls for 21st Century Arcades Project

writing and image

The struggle of writing against the image – historical consciousness against magic – runs throughout history. With writing, a new ability was born called ‘conceptual thinking’ which consisted of abstracting lines from surfaces, i.e. producing and decoding them. Conceptual thought is more abstract than imaginative thought as all dimensions are abstracted from phenomena – with… Continue reading writing and image

silenc and volum

First, a visualization that would interest students in #en4709: Digital Humanities. silenc silenc is a tangible visualization of an interpretation of silent letters within Danish, English and French. Silent letters themselves aren’t (semantically) silent. They guide pronunciation in some instances (tin | tine – pin | pine), can signal meaning that context would disambiguate in… Continue reading silenc and volum


Three lessons on reading Geoffrey Sirc’s “Box-Logic” for the 4th or 5th time in preparation for a graduate seminar in Composition Theory. Lesson One I attended the local Times Talk lunch on Wednesday, and I appreciated the salad of iceburg lettuce and sliced chicken with oil and vinegar dressing over spaghetti, but  I discovered, when I… Continue reading box-logic

Diagrams, exemplars, bootstrapping in #PLENK2010

 Looking through some diagrams of PLEs at edtechpost has given me the impetus to create a diagram of my own, and the permission to really goof with it. Exemplars. To my mind, these diagrams illustrate what happens when a straightforward exercise is approached with a PLE attitude. Given the variety of diagrams, it looks… Continue reading Diagrams, exemplars, bootstrapping in #PLENK2010

things we would never put on the university home page

This graphic has been making the rounds.  I found it on The Bamboo Project Blog: It’s About Answering Their Questions, Stupid: What Goes on the First Page ? – where I find a lot of Good Stuff.  The reminder that Michele gives: [W]e still have this broadcast notion of content that can trip us up at… Continue reading things we would never put on the university home page

#critlit2010: trees and linkers

Kismet. This morning I’m reading “The Hypericonic De-Vice,” from E-Crit, Marcel O’Gorman, and right in the middle of this passage – … According to Ong, Ramus was simply responding to the need of universities to corporatize knowledge delivery: … in the university, the teacher was also part of a corporation which was uncalculatingly but relentlessly… Continue reading #critlit2010: trees and linkers