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cold saturday and a wonky wordpress

Figured I’d look in with the new WP iPad app, to find that uploads and updates fail. I’m betting it’s a recent PHP upgrade to 8.2. Downgrading now … Or wrong password?

Islay at 5 months

… or corrupted plugin? I’m still trouble-shooting, with most plugins deactivated, using PHP8.1 Fast. Posts and images are uploading now. I’m stripping back the plugins.

The WP iPad is pretty nice: better interface to work in than the web. Writing is good, posting is good, and site management is good. I’m almost tempted to reactivate JetPack to see if that’s easier to manage with the app.

Mainly the app is faster than the web interface.

One misery is that the bottom of the working space is hidden by the keyboard supplement. That makes editing difficult.

But moving between ipad and phone is smooth. Once I was signed in, the app kept me signed in on both devices. I moved back and forth in edit mode.


10:33 AM

Cool, cloudy, grey, windy.

And Jill/txt is back: Can I blog my way out of my pandemic slump? – jill/txt

Back to MarsEdit

I didn’t expect to return to MarsEdit, but after trying the options over the past week, I have, and it feels right. It’s old school – minimal interface, transfers to edit in BBEdit by default, options and editing tools u[ front. That’s not only welcome but makes some of the blogging moves I want to make easier to impliment: quick posts, for instance.

IMG 0172

Testing REST endpoint and image embedding

Tricky so far to get a REST plugin to connect with an endpoint. Not sure where to start, but a test post is a good place. Update: The post failed to upload using REST: TypeMetal couldn’t connect with the endpoint. Switched back to legacy support while I dig around for help. Update: adding an image from the media library. A little tricky editing the image but very fast updating. Looks like you have to visit the web admin page to add images to the media library. There might be a way of adding to the library from the post ….
interior of restaurant
Interior of restaurant

Deleted morgan’s NewLog

It’s not that is wasn’t working – Bludit is a very good static blog generator – but that I didn’t care for the move, and I couldn’t quite get the template suited. A little apprehensive about editing css. So the blog stands. I’m looking now at new blog editors – MarsEdit and TypeMetal. I want to stay away from the WP block editor, and I need to update the blog to REST access and authentication. The next few posts are tests.

Test 4

Sunday. • Logging tool (LogRec) suitable for tracing Action Code – Tinderbox Tasks – Tinderbox ForumMarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Intelligence | AIS Marine TrafficTelepaText: text editing, text-to-speech, speech commands, app for iPad, iPhone, macOS and iCloud – imaja.comThe Internet is Made of Demons – DamageLondon’s railway of the future is finally here | Engadget Pattern language applied.“Introduction” in “The Lab Book” on Manifold @uminnpress“1” in “The Lab Book” on Manifold @uminnpress

Test post 2

Trying to shut off the block editor and then get set up in md.

  • shut off jetpack
  • sharing from Bear still doesn’t work.
  • changed date format from custom to typical US format.
  • Arg.

addition using WP app

I’m adding this in the WP app, which is marginally better than the web interface. I can see why many have left WP for their own scripts and static sites. I should look into that option.

Insert link:

Reading: Intellectual and Emotional Obstacles to Adopting Evidence-based Teaching Practices – improving learning

Insert image (+ sign)

Oil paining of girl at fountain, catching falling water in her mouth.

Roman Girl at Fountain