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DALL-E mini tests

My little tests demonstrated nothing conclusive. But results suggest that DALL-E mini – now at – might be working on an Art History degree.

I ran cats on tables plural and cat on table singular. DALL-E can count, but seems to lean towards everyday moggies rather than, say, a nice Manx or massive Maine Coon.

Dalle mini cats on tables

Dalle mini cat on table

man and woman talking. I wanted to get a sense of how DALL-E would portray a conversational relation. All the models are white, and seem to be assuming a public space as a default.

Dalle mini man and woman talking

nude descending a staircase. This was to see how DALL-E would handle a classic title. The figure is nude, leans towards female – even though I didn’t specify – but the figure tends to be ascending rather than descending. Or resting. Or missing in one case. That’s DALL-E’s little joke.

Dalle mini nude descending a staircase

This is not a pipe. One-hundred percent accurate. DALL-E knew I was asking for a smoking pipe rather than, say, a length of lead pipe. Both a smoking pipe and a lead pipe appear in one version,: DALL-E’s a punster. It made some interesting choices in placing the pipe: floating over carpets, unnaturally balanced on a table edge, balanced over a lead pipe, a two-stemmed pipe embedded in or emerging from or sinking into a table. Or it may be two pipes. Less Dali and more Magritte or Duchamp for the humor.

Dallemini 2022 6 27 14 19 47

The Gleaners. Or “these are not the gleaners.” This one could get DALL-E flagged for plagiarism.

Craiyon 2022 6 27 14 26 55

McLuhan on the Headline

Head Line: a primitive shout of rage and fear

  • Wares and rumors of wares in a time of Trump.
  • The story content becomes the merchandise.

[T]he headline is a feature which began with the Napoleonic Wars. The headline is a primitive shout of rage, triumph, fear, or warning, and newspapers have thrived on wars ever since. And the newspaper, with two or three decks of headlines, has also become a major weapon. …

Any kind of excitement or emotion contributes to the possibility of dangerous explosions when the feelings of huge populations are kept inflamed even in peacetime for the sake of the advancement of commerce. Headlines mean street sales. It takes emotion to move merchandise. And wars and rumors of wars are the merchandise and also the emotion of the popular press.

From The Mechanical Bride

Update 11 Dec 2017: Any kind of excitement.  In a post-simulacrum world, the quote itself is verification enough.

“Think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals.”  

Trump, as reported, in the NYT