McLuhan on the Headline

Wares and rumors of wares in a time of Trump. The story content becomes the merchandise. [T]he headline is a feature which began with the Napoleonic Wars. The headline is a primitive shout of rage, triumph, fear, or warning, and newspapers have thrived on wars ever since. And the newspaper, with two or three decks… Continue reading McLuhan on the Headline

McLuhan on Picasso Painting

When Picasso enters the popular mind by way of McLuhan: Picasso’s painting is always exciting because Picasso paints the path of feeling. I am speaking completely literally. Picasso paints the path of feeling. Did you ever have a teardrop run down your face? Sometime have a teardrop run down your face and feel it run.… Continue reading McLuhan on Picasso Painting

The position of facts in the simulacrum

Is any given bombing in Italy the work of leftist extremists, or extreme-right provocation, or a centrist mise-en-scène to discredit all extreme terrorists and to shore up its own failing power, or again, is it a police-inspired scenario and a form of blackmail to public security? All of this is simultaneously true, and the search… Continue reading The position of facts in the simulacrum


Most of what we think of as culture is little more than the unquestioning acceptance of standardized values. Irvins, Prints and Visual Communication

Less Passion from Less Protein

In the middle years of the seventeenth century Roger Crab of Bethnal Green subsisted on “dock-leaves, mallows or grasse” and plain water, while in the late twentieth century Stanley Green, wearing cap and blazer, paraded in Oxford Street with a banner proclaiming “Less Passion from Less Protein.” For twenty-five years, crowds swirled about him, almost… Continue reading Less Passion from Less Protein

Act, Statement, Not Motive

In argument, while motive and disposition might be interesting to study, they are of less interest than the stated positions. Of course, a person may have all kinds of motives for adopting, questioning, rejecting, defending, or attacking a particular standpoint in a particular manner, but the only thing that person can really be held to… Continue reading Act, Statement, Not Motive