bookmarks for August 27th, 2013 through August 28th, 2013

  • Tutorial: How to explore a network graph of electronic literature in Gephi – – (de )
  • The Two Cultures of Educational Reform – Stanley Fish – Fish weighs in on evaluation kulture, with "Not only is there no right answer when the subject is Melville, there’s no right question, just the undesigned and often circuitous process of turning the object of your attention this way and that way until something arresting emerges, and then you do it again, without the programmed prompting of any deus ex machina. How can you measure or preplan that? You can’t, and so much the worse for Melville, who will just have to be left behind, along with a great deal else that belongs to the culture of art and intuition." Actually, the piece is gracious in critique – exemplar – (fyc assessment DH pedagogy )